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On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is great honor of us to invite you to the 35th World Congress of the Int’l Society for Education through Art_ InSEA 2017.

If there is one thing for sure that anybody can't resist its coming as real in this contemporary era, we are to say that it is the digital phenomena. The unprecedented velocities of change and ranges of innovation initiated by digital can't be fathomed with easy. To that extent, our society has faced with gigantic wave named as digital, and it encompasses education too.

We can't help but to admit that there is the very needs to deal with such digital issue in full gear. It is because that a full burgeoning of digital in every nook of society as well as education has been giving birth to various meanings and interpretations, possibilities and problems, hopes and anxieties which are beyond our predictions.

The relationship between digital and art education is not just a matter of methodology nor technology, rather it is a matter of spirituality and humanity also. With captivated by such terms as “spirit”, “art” and “digital,” the narratives of coexistence are defining a new zeitgeist and a key formula for survival of art education.

The organizing committee is exerting their utmost effort in preparing for the conference in order to offer an ideal venue for in-depth analyses and wide range of discussions on current issues and topic in the field of Art Education.

We await your active participation in the InSEA 2017, which will be another major step forward for the field of Art Education. As an international city and as the colorful city in Korea, Daegu is famous not only for its unique character and culture, but also for its hospitality and scenery. We earnestly look forward to welcoming all of you to Korea, a country that cherishes its 5,000 year of history.

Once again, welcome to InSEA 2017!

Yong Lin Moon Ph.D.

President , InSEA 2017

Jeung-Hee Kim Ph.D.

Congress Chair, InSEA 2017